” Until you are a parent you are the picture and when you are a parent you are the frame”

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Tout à l’heure je pensais à Regis Boyer, le grand professeur de culture Scandinave et traducteur de toutes les Saga islandaises. Je voulais voir s’il donnait toujours ses conférences et j’ai découvert qu’il est décédé il y a quelques jours seulement, le 16 juin.

Je ne l’avais rencontré qu’une fois en 1997 ou 1998 à l’école Estienne mais son érudition, sa bonhommie et sa présence m’avaient beaucoup plues. On sentait chez lui une infinie curiosité, une chaleur et une autorité en même temps qui me parlaient et dont j’aimais me sentir entourée.

Quelle tristesse lorsque les grands érudits meurent. Où part toute leur connaissance? Et qui pour les remplacer?

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“Nous savons que nous allons vers la mort et, face à cette occurrence inéluctable, nous n’avons qu’un instrument : le rire.”

   – Umberto Eco

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A propos des ancêtres: je voulais à la fois les honorer et les défier.

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It is clear from Nora’s testimony that her mother still hoped that her husband’s life might be spared. She was shocked when he told her that he was to be executed. Connolly told his wife, “Well, I suppose you know what this means.” Lillie responded, “Not that James, not that.”

Nora continued: “My father said, ‘Yes, for the first time I dropped off to sleep. And they wakened me to tell me that I was to be shot at dawn.’ ”

Lillie said, “Your life, James, your beautiful life.”

“Well, Lillie,” he answered, “hasn’t it been a full life, and isn’t this a good end?”

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I dream of someone who wouldn’t have a dry heart

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May joy be my only religion.

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Word I like: Endeavour.

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I officially declare the resurrection of this blog!!

Aren’t you guys happy? (hi mum!)

Am back on the road. Well more precisely in Australia. Sooooo happy to be here!!

I’ll be posting more stuff here, as it’s a lot more private than social networks and only for the “chosen few”. Seems a little more creative too!

As the tradition goes, I’ve had a look at my 2015 objectives to see how I did. Replacing tooth and feet was a big ordeal and that’s now behind me: ticked off the fucking list !!

Still have a little work to do on weight…

Work wise, I smashed my objectives and placed the first foundations for the rest of my work life: working for myself at the service of others. I’ve made quite a lot of new friends, kept in touch with old ones, done some travelling and improved my willingness to show vulnerability and take emotional risks – some of which I paid the price for… but overall I’ve tried to display love and generosity to the peeps in my life, and learn about myself. In the process I’ve made amends to a lot of people and tried to be less guarded, harsh and judgemental. #workinprogress

Of course there were quite a few cock-ups along the way (SO many!!), but 2016 am working on you!

So happy to start the new year here (I know I repeat myself) feeling smiley and hopeful. Every new trip here has a different flavour. I remember my state of mind when I arrived back here two… no! three! years ago. This time the feeling is different, I’m still in love with the place but it now feels more reachable, closer, easier to get to. I’m older, I make more money, I have less fear and more freedom than I used to. I wish the connection to this place will never fade because it fills my heart with a sense of eternity, joy and calm. There is a mystery, a mystique that deeply ignites my imagination into a strange and dark romanticism: the loneliness of explorers, of exiles, of lost children combined with a desperate will to survive.  A Bill Henson photograph…

I’ve since read a lot about Australian history which makes me appreciate it even more.

Oh and now I’ve even seen the fireworks! 2016 starting with a dream coming true, let’s make it the theme of this New Year!

How fucking lucky!

Watch this space for my 2016 wish list to the universe… Coming soon!

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Sirius . Supply . Alexander . Charlotte . Friendship . Lady Penrhyn . Prince of Wales .  Scarborough . Borrowdale . Fishburn . Golden Grove .

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