Happy New Year friends!

Just thought I’d drop a word here to say thank you for such an amazing year. I feel so blessed to be healthy, to have had all these incredible experiences and met some wonderful people – while also reconnecting with old friends who mean a lot to me.

Also I wanted to share a few of my new year’s resolutions. It’s a tradition of mine to set myself goals every year and I enjoy the challenge and the direction it brings to my existence.

1) Look after my body: this year I want to keep losing weight, get fitter, feel stronger and freeer. Also want to start doing things I’ve never  done before like skiing, surfing, diving – activities that bring pleasure and aliveness. This is my number one priority: keep challenging myself physically. Discover my limits and push them.

2) Stop buying new things:  for a while I’ve been feeling like I already own way too many things. I have so much stuff I never use, and I have way too many clothes, bags, shoes. I don’t need any new things (with one exception: books, that I always try to buy second hand). So I will pay extra attention to how I spend money. The idea is also to use all the things I have (cameras, craft things, kitchen stuff) in a way that’s more creative. This means finishing things I start and recycle into a new life things I don’t seem to use at all. Sell all the rest on ebay. Appreciate how much abundance there is already in my life.

3) Read more:  in 2012 I have managed to make a giant leap in terms of learning as I started reading again after what seemed like a very long reading fast (ie: running a business) but I would like to take it further and make it an essential daily habit. Reading while having breakfast is something I’m trying out at the moment and seems like I could implement it. That way I would read in the morning AND in the evening. Reading before bed is something I want to do every day as well, as I tend to take the computer to bed with me and it’s such a bad habit. It fucks with my brain and overstimulate it which delays the time I eventually switch off to sleep. In the long run it damages my rythm and energy levels.

I have a few others on my list which are more private but these 3 are the most important of this year’s objectives.

Today was a good start as we went for an hour run with my dad and brother. Let’s do this, folks!

Hope you have a creative and fun year!

Here is my favourite view of 2012: sunrise in Monument Valley’s Totem Pole



  1. Pendant une heure et demi, plutôt.

    Une année pleine de bonnes résolutions pour bibi aussi.


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